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Do You Squat?

August 1, 2016




If you can do them, you should do them. Why? Well, they are a great way to strengthen and shape your legs and midsection as well as an awesome exercise to use to elevate your heartrate. 

There are a variety of squats that one can do but this video will deal with a barbell squat in a power rack. Remember, the weight isn't as important as doing it right first. Build your foundation and mobility and then increase the weight as you continue to challenge yourself.

Here's a simple workout you can utilize, after a proper warm up and mobility work, that uses the Squats as the main focus. Each exercise will come with a rep range - complete the lower range for an easier workout and the higher range for a more challenging one. Be sure to keep your rest times in between exercises and sets in a circuit next to none and your rest in between circuits as short as you can, using the lower rest range for a harder workout and the higher rest range for an easier one.


Circuit 1

Body Weight Squats x 10- 25

Push Ups x 10-25

Plank x 30- 90 seconds

4 Sets

30 - 90 seconds rest


Circuit 2

Barbell Squats Pyramid:

Figure out a weight than you can complete 20-25 reps with. Call that weight "A"

Figure out a weight that you can complete 15-20 reps with. Call that weight "B"

Figure out a weight that you can complete about 10 reps with. Call that weight "C"


1. Start with weight "C" and complete 10 reps.

2. Immediately change the weight to "B" and complete as many reps as you can, 20 max. 

3. Immediately change the weight to "C"and complete as many reps as you can, 20 max. 

Rest for 1 - 2 minutes.

Complete 2-4 Sets.


Circuit 3

Stairmill - Complete as many floors as you can in 10 minutes.


Circuit 4

Cool Down, Mobility and Stretching.



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