Don't Believe The Hype. Or The Selfie.

"Don't believe everything you see... On social media."

The fitness industry is, like many industry, a business. Like many businesses it has a goal of making money. In order to do that, it has to sell us all a product. In order to sell that product, often, it markets the product in the best way and best light that it can, showing only the glossy finished package and rarely sharing the hours of preparation and sacrifice that the individual makes to shape their body and the preparation made to capture that physique for marketing purposes.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money doing what you love - I am a professional peddler of confidence, progress, fitness & health and I am proud of what I do and when I or my people get a chance to shine on billboards, magazine pages or on their social media feeds. The downfall to the glamour shots we are fed as selfies or in the moment snaps is that they can diminish the process. They also create an unrealistic standard which we can find ourselves using for comparison.

"Don't compare your progress to someone else's finished product.

Don't. Stop it.

Especially when many of those photos are

far less candid than we are often led to believe."

Too often on our fitness journey we compare our progress pictures to someone else's finished product pictures. We forget that many who make their living in the fitness industry spend hours each day planning and executing workouts and eating strategies to ensure that they are in peak shape when they need to be in peak shape. We forget that many who make their living in the fitness industry are professionals at fitness - they spend as much time doing "fitness" as other folks spend each day sitting at their desk doing their professional work. Most of them have also been doing what they do for years upon years. And many of them still get their "candid" photoshoots professionally done and touched up afterwards.

And you want to compare yourself to this? Don't. Don't do it. Stop doing it.

Trust your process. Believe in yourself and faithfully do your daily work.

Your results will come. Stay the course, keep executing your plan and continue building the body you desire and deserve - in and out of the gym.

Mark Sparks Conditioning Specialist

S.P.A.R.K.S Conditioning

Instagram: @sparksconditioning

"It's Bigger Than Fitness. What Are You Chasing?"

For more about Mark Sparks please visit

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