Forget The Scale. (a.k.a Focus On Being Happy With Yourself And Your Results Will Follow.)

​"And I learned that life is not about being happy about how much you weigh,

but being happy with yourself."

Scales are tools. Like all tools, they are great when used for what they are to be used for - as a single measurement of a bigger sum of success when it comes to health and fitness.

What they are not good for is being the only measurement of success.

Or for fueling our journey.

Most tools aren't.

"Don't be fooled, tools are not fuel. They're tools." -Mark Sparks

Tools are not fuel. Don't be fueled by your weight but by your progress made step by step towards your goal. Don't get caught up by measuring how good you are or how well your program is going solely on the numbers on a scale because that number constantly changes and if you tie your level of happiness to that number, your level of happiness will continually change and that.

"Don't turn your fitness journey into your personal hell.

Enjoy the journey 'cause it will take time -

no matter your starting point and no matter your goal."

-Mark Sparks

The journey towards your goal, whatever that goal or those goals may be, will take a whole lot of effort dedicated and a lot of time invested, so you may as well learn to delight in the process, and enjoy the journey right? Right. And you cannot enjoy the journey hating yourself while you walk it - that is the exact opposite of joy. That is how we turn our journey into our own personal hell and that's not motivating at all.

The best training results I've seen in my 15 year career, came when passionate commitment was fueled by self love. So find reasons to cheer yourself on, real yet positive measures of success along the way as you work towards reaching your goals - in and out of the gym.

Mark Sparks Conditioning Specialist

S.P.A.R.K.S Conditioning

Instagram: @sparksconditioning

"It's Bigger Than Fitness. What Are You Chasing?"

For more about Mark Sparks please visit

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