Specific Goals Lead To Specific Results.

Each week I outline various goals for myself and my clients when it comes to their workout. Why? Because without specific goals we tend to float mindlessly through our workouts and we also have no method to measure and manage our success at the end of each week. Why is the ability to measure success important? Well, we all want to do things that helps us grow and get better and that goes double when it comes to doing things that require loads of effort - like training hard and pushing ourselves while we are work out as well as the discipline and planning that goes into eating to also fuel our goals. Having a way to measure whether we are successful or not each week en route to our bigger goals allows us to feel the accomplishment of achieving goals. That feeling motivates us and that motivation helps to affirm our discipline and hard work as we keep working towards what we desire.

Sometimes we make setting our weekly goals overly complicated and too big. Though our overall dream should be one that stretches us, one that forces us to grow as people in order to achieve it, the steps along the way should be manageable bite sized chunks that help us grow without overwhelming us to stay where we are.

Here are 3 simple tools you can utilize each week to help your workout week be a successful one:

1. Write down the goal for the week. How else will you know if you are successful? Actually write them down. Choose 3 things and then make them happen. Goals dont have to be huge or just about your weight either (like losing 2lbs) but how many miles you will walk/run? How much water you will drink daily? How many workouts at the gym you will do?

2. Schedule your workouts as you would important meetings. After all, they are! Simply put your workouts in your calendar as you would other appointments you had to keep and then keep the appointment with yourself. This is one habit having a trainer can help you build quickly.

3. Create accountability by sharing number one and two with someone. Or hire someone to help keep you accountable. The thing about telling people about our plans is that we add a little pressure to achieve them. That's not a bad thing because that little bit of pressure can help turn "should I go to the gym?" into "I'm going to the gym."

As you use these tools effectively and continue to train hard, train smart, train often, fuel well and believe in you I hope that you continue to build the body you desire and deserve. And, of course, if you need some help - don't hesitate to contact me! M.

Instagram: @sparksconditioning

Its Bigger Than Fitness Build The Body You Desire And Deserve www.SPARKSconditioning.com

Mark Sparks is a Conditioning Coach & Personal Trainer who is also the reigning Mr. Caribbean International as well as the former Calvin Klein Man Of Steel and a former CCAA National champion. For more on Mark, please visit www.MarkSparks.com

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