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Plan to Succeed. (Build What You Desire & Deserve)

April 12, 2016


"Failing to plan is planning to fail."


When we have no plan, it makes it easy for excuses to creep in and worse than that we rarely get the results we desire.


So many folks spend so much time in the gym working out in hopes of building the body they desire and deserve yet they neglect one of the biggest factors that shapes the body they have: the food they eat.


Food is fuel. It is the building blocks our bodies use to construct our physical presence - our energy, our complexion & our shape. 

Eating the "right" foods can give us strength, clear up our skin, help us shed unwanted body fat, build muscle and help us to get rid of that late afternoon fatigue that so many people seem to have.


Working out coupled with eating right, sleeping and a regiment of daily spiritual and mental self care can help us to increase our enjoyment of life and break through plateaus in and out of the gym.


So, what is your plan? What do I mean? Let's start with answering these two questions as specifically as you can:
1. What is your goal you hope to achieve from your workouts over the next 90 days?

2. What will you do to achieve that goal over the next 30 days?

More specifically

2a. What food choices will you need to make daily to achieve that goal?
2b. What time will you need to go to bed each day to get enough rest to achieve that goal?

2c. What type of weekly workout schedule will you use to achieve that goal - what days a week will you go, for how long, and what will you do on each of those days (an outline at the very least of your daily workouts is necessary - especially in the beginning!).


Knowing what you want and more importantly why you must have it, makes the decision making process much simpler by helping us to answer this question:


"Does this decision take me closer

to my goal or further from it?"


This question, and the answer to it, simplifies our daily decisions, especially when our reason why we must reach our goal is big enough to inspire us to have to reach it and to do all that is in our power to do so.


P.s Your reason why you must achieve your goal has got to be big enough to inspire you to have to reach it and to get you to do all that is in our power to do so.


Before you go any further, take a moment to answer the following:

1. What do I desire most when it comes to my fitness and health in the next 90 days?
2. Why is this important to me & how will my life and my enjoyment of life improve upon achieving this goal?

3. What steps can I take right now in moving towards that goal?

4. What is my plan of action for the next 30 days to achieve that goal?

5. Who will I enlist in my personal team to help me achieve this goal with expertise, advice and accountability?


Make a plan right now that you will build what you desire and deserve.
Then resolve to take all the steps you can over the next 30 days to do so. 


It is within your reach. You can build the body you desire and deserve.
Happy journey.
Mark Sparks

@sparksconditioning on instagram





For more about Mark, please visit www.MarkSparks.com

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