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How to use Habit to create Motivation & get Results.

April 11, 2016


When it comes to building the body you desire and deserve,

habit is more crucial than motivation.


Too often we await motivation to find us before we begin working towards our goals only to find out that we get no closer to our goal and don't grow in motivation to do so. In fact, more often the longer it takes for us to get started, and in turn begin moving towards our goal, the longer 


So how do we go about getting started and bridging the gap between where we achieve to be and where we are? Habits. The habits that we choose create the results we get. Have a donut and coffee with double cream every morning for breakfast and guess what you'll have in 90 days? A whole lot more bodyfat than you started with. Is this a very basic example that doesn't take into account the rest of your habits and physiology? Yes. But it does illustrate the point - habits create results.


So how do we go about instilling habits into our daily lives that serve us towards our goals? First step is figuring out what your goals are. Without a target to aim for there is nothing to aim for. So the first question to answer is what are your goals? When answering this, be specific, give a way to measure your progress and have a timeline to achieve it.


Now, once you have a goal and have figured out some of the habits you'll need to achieve them, set up systems to make those habits as simple as possible to implement.


Setting up systems allow you to stop thinking so much about various little decisions and instead focus your energy on working towards your goals by helping you answer the "should I/shouldn't I" questions that will pop up long before they become dilemmas that pop up.


Once you have your system working and are steadily instilling habits that serve you into your routine, you will begin to get results. Once you begin to get the results you desire, your motivation will grow. As your motivation grows, you will affirm the habits that serve you and further ingrain them into your system and as you do that you will continue to get the results you desire.


It's a powerful cycle.


When it comes to building the body you desire and deserve, habit is more crucial than motivation so get focused on your habits and results are sure to follow.

If you need help figuring out specific goals, or habits or instilling a system to help you achieve what you desire and deserve, click here and let's get to working together to help you build the body you desire and deserve.

Mark Sparks

@sparksconditioning on instagram




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