The Power Of Perception & Physique Building.

How we see the world has a profound effect on what we get in our world. And how we see ourselves, and what we are capable of achieving has a powerful effect on what we actually achieve.

For example, when we see ourselves as beings unable to build the body we desire, no matter what attempts we make we will fail because we build only what we believe we can. Now, if you decide that it is possible to change your body and that you are capable of building the body that you desire & fulfilling your goal, you'll work faithfully towards doing just that. And you will, inevitably, build just that. As our belief in ourselves and our ability grows so too does our luck and our situation.

Whatever failure you've encountered until this point, smile and know it was a lesson given by the universe to ready you to succeed. Smile, because you have another day & another chance. Smile because you have the ability to perform another workout and to take another step towards building the body you desire & deserve.

Mark Sparks

@sparksconditioning on instagram

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