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5 Tips To Remember Around Eating

Building the body you desire takes more than lifting weights and training hard. Nutrition plays a huge part and so does the mindset we have about food. Keeping these 5 Tips in mind when thinking about food and food choices will help you to build the body you desire and deserve.


5 Tips to remember around eating:

1. Food is fuel, learn how it effects change in your body.

2. Patience - you cannot make healthy and sustainable progress quickly. Ask anyone who has endured a crash or extreme diet how long that lasted.

3. Progress is built upon progress so be patience (see number 2).

4. Focus on eating well not just less. Without proper calories - building blocks - our bodies will not burn unwanted pounds o fat very effectively.

5. Did I mention patience? Aim for small incremental losses each week. A weekly .5% decrease in bodyfat is a 5% decrease in 10 weeks. That's 50lbs less of fat for every 100lbs of body weight!

Summer bodies are built in the kitchen and designed in the weightroom. And, that warm summer weather is just about 10 weeks away so get to it.


Happy pursuit.

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