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Day Twenty Four.

December 10, 2015




We are what we habitually do. Therefore fitness is a habit and not a simple action.


What are your habits? What habits help you towards building the body you desire and deserve? What habits are holding you back from building that very same thing? Are you committed to what you say you want or is it more of a convenience thing - that is you do it when you can, from time to time?


We've all heard it before that nothing worth having comes easily but it seems that we forget this lesson particularly when it comes to building the physique we desire.

Whatever you have written as your goals, and whatever your level of commitment to those goals has been I urge you today to ask yourself the tough questions. Call yourself out if need be. But once you do, don't wallow in pity but call yourself to action and change your habit right now.


Today's workout will be most similar to your day seventeen workout.


Warm Up
1. Skipping x 2 mins (real or imaginary skipping rope).
2. Jumping Jacks x 45 seconds
3. Skipping for x 2mins
4. Quarter Squats x 45 seconds
5. Skipping for 2 mins
6. Jogging on the spot x 60 seconds
3 Sets. No rest.
The easiest way I've found to get this circuit done is to set my alarm for 15 second intervals and change exercises accordingly.
Left Leg Stepping Forwards Lunges x 30 seconds*

Squats x 30 seconds
Plank x 60 seconds
Right Leg Stepping Forwards Lunges x 30 seconds*

Squats x 30 seconds

Plank x 60 seconds
Left Leg Stepping Backwards Lunges x 30 seconds*

Squat x 30 seconds
Plank x 30 seconds
Right Leg Stepping Backwards Lunges x 30 seconds*
Squats x 30 seconds
Jumping Jacks x 30 seconds
Jogging on the spot x 30 seconds

30-45 seconds rest.

4 Sets. For sets 2 & 4 do the right leg first in all lunge sequences.

As usual, record your workout results including how long the entire workout takes you and how many sets you complete.
Happy Thursday. Happy Day Twenty Four.

Mark Sparks

sparksconditioning on instagram


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