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Day Ten.

November 26, 2015


Well hello! And welcome to day ten a.k.a 1/3rd of the way to fulfilling your 30 day challenge to yourself. Congratulations. Now enough of that, let's get down to business!


Today, we are going to be doing some boxing. We are going to add some simple combos to our skipping to create a cardio conditioning circuit that is sure to get you sweating.

Warm Up

Remember this is a warm up so take Your time. There'll be plenty of time for quality speed during Your workout.

A. Small arm circles forward x 25

B. Small arm circles backward x 25

C. Medium arm circles forward x 25

D. Medium arm circles backwards x 25

E. Big arm circles forward x 25

F. Big arm circles backward x 25



45 second rounds of Each:

A. Skipping (real or imaginary rope)

B. Jab a.k.a "1"

C. Jumping Jacks

D. Cross a.k.a "2"

E. Skipping

F. Jab Cross combo a.k.a "1-2"

G. Jumping Jacks

H. Abdominal plank

I. Crunches
J. Push Ups (if you need to rest hold your body in the starting push up position with arms straight and body off the floor).

60-90seconds rest

Complete 2-3 Sets.


For a video and breakdown of the jab and the cross punch as well as some more skipping options (with a real or imaginary rope) click here.


Have fun!
Mark Sparks

sparksconditioning on instagram


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