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Day Six.

November 22, 2015

Good Sunday morning to you.


How did yesterday's work go?

How did this week's work go?

Did you surprise yourself?

Did you get further than you

thought you would?

Did you worry that it would be harder than you could handle?

Did you worry that you wouldn't be able to finish the workouts?


Worry is a powerful thing. It has the power to demotivate us as it sucks from us precious energy and diminishes our faith in ourselves and our ability to attain our goals. Often when we worry, it is because we are focused on the challenges that lay on our path intead of our goal which is the reason we walk our path. When we are focused on our goal and the small steps we are taking and will continue to take towards them, we seldom have time to worry because we are busy making progress.

Today, Exercise Five, will give us a chance to acknowledge the things that worry us on our fitness journey and proactively deal with them. Awareness and logic are powerful tools we can utilize when it comes to quelling worry, strengthening our belief in ourselves and in our ability to build the body we desire and deserve.




Exercise Five
1. Often, what seems like many worries is really just a few. Sometimes the branches of fear all stem from one root worry alone. What is the biggest worry you have about why you cannot reach your fitness goals?


My Answer:
When I started my journey, it was that I didn't control my circumstance and those very circmustances didn't allow me the ability to change my situation & grow. Since my goals required growth I worried that I would never be able to achieve them.


2. Is your worry absolutely true all of the time?


My Answer:
No it is not. There are many examples of times that I have done what I desired, even when my circumstances were not the most conducive to my goal at the time.  


3. If your worry isn't always absolutely true, could the opposite ever be true? 


My Answer:
Yes. I worried that I would not be able to achieve my goal because of the lack of control I have of my circumstance. But the opposite could also be true - I do have the ability to achieve my goal because I have the opporunity to control at least some of the circumstances that I need to in order to do so.


Facing our worries and fears frees up energy for us to use towards reaching our goals. 

And speaking of freeing up energy to reach our goals it's time for today's workout!





We are going to take it back to Day Three's Workout (click here) with a few, umm, upgrades. Enjoy!


The Warm Up Upgrade
Instead of one set x 3 minutes, You will complete two sets x 2 minutes with a 30 second rest break in between the two sets.


The Workout Upgrade

1. Complete as many reps as you can in 45 seconds for each of the exercises with a 10 second rest in between each exercise - of course we are recording the number of reps completed for each exercise during the rest.


2. Reduce your rest from 60 seconds at the end of each entire circuit to 45 seconds.


3. Add a fouth set to the workout - so you'll complete the entire circuit 4 times instead of the 3 times you did it on day three.


*You can find day three's workout here and the workout poster here.



Enjoy the exercise, have a great workout & day!
Mark Sparks
sparksconditioning on instagram







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