Why Do You Workout? Well, my name is Mark Sparks, this is why I workout.

My name is Mark Sparks. I'm a former national champion, a former Calvin Klein Man, an avid weekend warrior and the founder of S.P.A.R.K.S Conditioning where building great habits leads to building great bodies. Often I am asked "Why do I workout?" And I answer in different words but always the same way - because it is part of who I am and allows me to function in this world at my best.

This usually surprises people. I know what You are thinking "how is this a how to article" bear with me.

As entrepreneurs we can far too easily delete the hour (which is 4% of our day) we have scheduled to workout to take on "a more important task" but once we see the value & the necessity of taking care of ourselves and how powerful our physical well being is to our ability to be mentally productive well then that workout time doesn't become so easy to miss.

Why do I work out?

Because my physical body is a vessel for my spiritual self, the physical manifestation of my desires. When I care for my body, I'm simply revealing my care for my Soul. I'm shaping my habits, proving to myself that my body is worth 4% of my day.

Why do I work out?

Because it's about much more than a "six pack" or a bench press max. It's affirmation that I can do what I set out to do, that I can overcome challenges and reach my goal.

With over a decade of working with people to get what they desire and deserve and myself coming off of a couple pretty big injuries I understand that working out is a process. That getting the body we desire & deserve is a process. That we must challenge ourselves past our comfort zone in order to continue to shape our bodies but in order to do that we must first challenge ourselves past our comfort zone and continually explore our minds and hearts. You see we can NEVER get the body we desire & deserve, the life we desire & deserve until we first believe in it's possibility. Or at the very start, we must believe in our ability to be further along than we currently are & see the possibility of being somewhere en route towards our goals. As long as we believe that we are destined to be as we are, we can never become as we desire. Until we see different we cannot ever hope to be different.

The body that we desire and deserve comes from creating habits that serve us in that pursuit. As we create habits we change and as we change we are motivated to continue to create & sustain habits that serve us in order to continue to get results. The tricky part is that this results motivation spiral can either serve us or hinder us. Meaning we get great results and continue in the direction of our desires or we get 'negative' results and continue towards the demise of our desires.

As long as we continually examine our hearts & minds, as long as we continue to seek to answer the question "What do I truly desire?" we are on the right path.

That's why I work out.

Now it's Your turn - why do You, why MUST you workout?

See You next time.


Mark Sparks

S.P.A.R.K.S. Conditioning

(Speed. Power. Adaptability. Refinement. Kinesiology. Satisfaction.)

*Owner of S.P.A.R.K.S. Conditioning *Fitness & Conditioning Specialist *Former Calvin Klein Man Of Steel *Former National Champion

*Follow Mark on Twitter @MarkSparksInc

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